Tuesday, April 24, 2012

26th & 5th Ave [SW Corner] (1908 & 2012)


Delmonico’s restaurant opened here in 1876. The popular chain eventually closed partly due to Prohibition. A Delmonico’s steak simply was not the same when served with a glass of water.  I couldn't replicate the angle or distance... But you can see that two buildings on the left and the one building on the right are still standing after 100+ years.


Source: timeshutterwikipedia


Anonymous said...

NYC Corners Blog Lover says:

great view of the madison square area with flat iron building.

try a few blocks from here and contrast the old madison square graden with what is there now - the new york life insurance compant building. would love to see the contrast.

Stacie said...

It's just wild how much it's changed