Friday, April 20, 2012

5th & Ave B [NW Corner] (April 18, 2012)


Izzy said...

Dear Man on ladder,
It would be interesting if you were there in the next picture.

Anonymous said...

More impressive if Caffe whatever is still there!

Anonymous said...

5th and Ave. B building looks great. Does it have a name?

Many old NYC buildings were given named (e.g. The Ansonia, The Excelsior, Chelsea Arms). Sometimes the names wewre engrasved on the front of the building. Do any of the blog viewers know if there is a name for the 5th and Ave. B building or the names (if any) of the other buildings shown on the blog?

That would be interesting info.

Anonymous #2

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #2 says:

Please excuse the typos... Fat fingers!