Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Spring & Varick [NE Corner] (1935 & 2012)


In 1935, 150 Varick Street was occupied by the Westinghouse Electric Supply Co. The showrooms were on the ground floor. What you can't see (just to the right) is the giant, ultra-modern Trump SoHo hotel/condo, which opened in 2009. Many local groups protested the construction of the luxury high rise, citing zoning and preservation improprieties. The loft buildings in the neighborhood have not changed much during the past 70+ years. However, the  the cars have changed drastically; and it looks like Varick was a 2-way street in 1935.       [1935 photo from NYPL]                      CLICK TO ENLARGE


Anonymous said...

Mr. NYC Corner -
going on record. While I love the pics, I think some of the most interesting things on the site is the things you notice. I saw this and noted to myself that there was a different lamp post and the sign for the Holland wasn't there. I didn't notice that it was a 2 way street. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's Ms. NYC Corners!