Wednesday, July 11, 2012

50th & 3rd Ave [NE Corner] (2004 & 2012)

La Maganette, closed in July of 2005 after 30 years of service, was half classy Italian restaurant and half raging dance club. Downstairs, the restaurant's dedicated certain nights to mambo, meringue, salsa, reggae, hip-hop, and everything in between. [This Epinion review explains it.] "After 30 years it got old and went downhill," says one CitySearcher. Dos Caminos on 3rd ave. (the third in a popular chain of upscale Mexican restaurants) opened here in 2006.                  CLICK TO ENLARGE

La Maganette pic courtesy of B&B Alumni.

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Sonia santiago said...

I worked at 'la maganette' as a hat check girl,,in the 70's......loved that place..