Wednesday, July 25, 2012

51st & 2nd Ave [NE Corner] (1979 & 2012)

[Group Effort:  Thanks Diane for the exclusive 1979 photo. Thanks Emily for the informative blurb]
In 2008, this Midtown East corner was the scene of a deadly crane collapse. Seven people were killed (including the crane operator) and 24 others were injured. A townhouse was crushed, cars were flattened, buildings were evacuated, and chaos ensued. The cause of the collapse was attributed to "a $50 piece of nylon that broke." But things are looking up. The flattened townhouse has since been renovated and recently listed for $4.25 million. And, four years and several lawsuits later, Crave Ceviche Bar reopened last week as Crave Fish Bar. (The Smith replaced Rite-Aid, which replaced the A&P supermarket.)                   CLICK TO ENLARGE


Anonymous said...

Nice before and after. Especially liked the commentary

Anonymous said...

That 'Emily' contributor posts the worst tweets ever. I followed her thinking she was NYC Corners Staff and I would get more Corners, all i got was 'Sample Sales' Food pictures, and crap about her boyfriend.

Unknown said...

my grandfathers pharmacy was in this building in the 1950's