Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Christopher St. & 7th Ave [SW Corner] (1970 & 2012)


The Village Smoke Shop on Sheridan Square in Greenwich Village is one of the most photographed and drawn buildings in all of Manhattan. It's been in the same location since the early twentieth century. This before-and-after is exciting... Look at the cobblestone street, the people, the clothes, the cars, the "Interborough Downtown" Subway, the Walter B. Cooke Funeral Home ad, and so much more. Yet so much has remained the same, including the trash in the gutter. And, if you look closely, you can see One World Trade Center ("Freedom Tower") being erected in the background. So much to see. Look and enjoy. Thanks to Richard Friedman's blog for this incredible 1970 photo.                      CLICK TO ENLARGE (IT'S MUCH BETTER)
And in an amazing twist, check out this drawing-based Then-n-Now from the itty bitty city blog. We look forward to further collaboration with itty bitty city.

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